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Welcome to the features of Issue 28: Autumn 2010.

New Times, Old Stories:

Austrian Theatre on the London Stage,
by Lydia Ziemke

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Criminal Record

<br />Criminal Record
NBG talks to Ferdinand von Schirach, bestselling author of Verbrechen (‘Crime’) and Criminal Defence Lawyer in Berlin.

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Solothurn Revisited:

The Swiss Literary Festival and New Swiss Writing,
by Donal McLaughlin

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John E. Woods, Translator

Of Fiction and Fairy Tales:
An interview with John E. Woods

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Naveen Kishore, Publisher

<br />Naveen Kishore, Publisher
Naveen Kishore, Commissioning Editor
of the groundbreaking Indian publisher
Seagull Books, tells NBG the story of Seagull and his plans for its future.

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Made in Germany

<br />Made in Germany
An extract from John le Carré’s keynote address to the Think German conference, June 2010 in London.

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