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Schlink, Bernhard

Das Wochenende (The Weekend)

Diogenes Verlag, March 2008, 240 pp.
ISBN: 978-3-257-06633-3

After 20 years in prison, Jorg, a Red Army Fraction terrorist who has committed four murders, is suddenly pardoned and released. His sister Christiane invites a group of his former friends to a weekend at her dilapidated house in the country to welcome him back.
Twenty years before, each of these friends had revolutionary ideals. Now each of them has a secure place in society. Henner has become a journalist, Andreas is a lawyer, Ulrich a businessman, Karin a bishop and Ilse a teacher. Their wives and children, a present-day revolutionary sympathiser called Marco, and Jorg’s estranged son Ferdinand are also of the party. Das Wochenende examines how their feelings have changed in the interval. It debates both the validity of Jorg’s political aims, and how these aims now appear, post 9/11 and Iraq. It is also a psychological examination of the neuroses, passions and fears of its characters.
The basic plot of Das Wochenende is exciting, its subject matter timely, and its treatment assured. Back to old times.

‘Schlink has won his huge popular following by bringing to bear a penetrating intelligence about the psyche of his characters and an empathy for their dilemmas.’Newsweek


Bernhard Schlink was born in 1944 in Bielefeld, Germany. A lawyer, he now lives partly in Berlin and partly in New York. He published his first crime novel, Self’s Punishment, with co-author Walter Popp in 1987. After the publication of his of its prizewinning successors Die gordische Schleife (‘The Gordian Knot’) and Self’s Deception, he moved on from the crime field. His novel The Reader, published in 1995, has won prizes both at home and abroad and is now being filmed. Homecoming, his second novel, has just been published in the UK.


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