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Prize Winner: Iris Hanika

Iris Hanika: Das Eigentliche

‘This book shows, in literature’s abundant ways, the antagonism of remembrance. To have illustrated this again so vividly after 65 years of intensive discussion is the merit of this novel – which was written, it must be said, after and in spite of Auschwitz.’– FAZ
‘An author who writes with wit, sincerity and without the slightest sensationalism.’
– Spiegel
Iris Hanika was born in Wurzburg in 1962 and has lived in Berlin since 1979. She was a staff writer for the Berlin section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and wrote a column for Merkur magazine for eight years until 2008. In 2006, she was awarded the Hans Fallada Prize. With Das Eigentliche, she was on the Hotlist 2010, was nominated for the prize of the SWR Bestseller List 2010, and received rave reviews. Das Eigentliche won the European Union Prize for Literature, which brings with it guaranteed translation funding.

Previous works include: Katharina oder die Existenzverpflichtung (short story, 1992); Musik für Flughäfen (Music for airports, short stories, 2005); Berlin im Licht. 24 Stunden Webcam (Berlin in the light. 24 Hour webcam, ed. With Stefanie Flamm, 2003), Treffen sich zwei (novel, 2008)


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The European Union (Translation funding is guaranteed to recipients of the EU Prize for Literature)

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