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Zahno, Daniel

Die Geliebte des Gelatiere
(The Gelato-Maker’s Lover)

weissbooks.w, January 2009, 194 pp.
ISBN: 978-3-940888-35-8


Alvise, a young Venetian, is looking for the lost love of his life – Noemi who had gone to the same school for a short time before disappearing back to America, and whom he associates with eating delicious ice-cream – and the right job, rather than the dusty archivist’s one he has ‘sensibly’ started. His chance comes when he is able to take over an ice-cream parlour and return to the one job that had given him pleasure as a schoolboy and student. He has a talent for it and becomes a prize-winning gelatiere. However, thoughts of Noemi resurface and in his quest for love he does indeed find her, and they thrill to each other’s company as adults, too: they live out their childhood dream for a tragically short moment, as the Niagara Falls claim another life and Alvise returns to Venice alone.

‘Love in Venice – incredibly sensual!’Denis Scheck

‘Well-paced and snappy! This debut novel slips down like the best ice-cream.’Alain Claude Sulzer, author of A Perfect Waiter

‘A compelling tale of love-that-almost-was.’
Die Südostschwiez


Daniel Zahno was born in 1963 and lives in Basel. This novel was written partly in the writers’ colony of Ledig House, upstate New York, and in the Istituto Svizzero in Venice. His collection of short stories, Doktor Turban, was awarded the Tübinger-Poetik Prize as well as the Clemens Brentano Young Authors Prize, Heidelberg. 2006 saw the publication of his collection of poetry and poetic prose, Im Hundumdrehen.


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