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Arjouni, Jakob

Der heilige Eddy (Saint Eddy)

Diogenes Verlag, February 2009, 256 pp,
ISBN: 978 3 257 06685 2

Jakob Arjouni’s Eddy is a small-time crook whom we first meet in action at Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof where he stages a slapsticklike slip on a banana skin in the manner of an early Hollywood comedy. By the end of the afternoon he has acquired enough cash for an expensive lunch, a new cashmere coat, and several bagfuls of luxury goods bought with stolen credit cards. But things start going badly wrong when, back at home in down-at-heel Kreuzberg, he runs into Horst König, a once poor working-class boy at the moment much hated in Berlin for having laid off thousands of workers from his deodorant factory. In another slapstick scene König slips on the stairs, knocks his head against a pipe and dies. Soon, for reasons too preposterous to explain, Eddy is in gaol.
This is an exceedingly funny book. It is also, at times, a deliberately silly one, but so slick and well-written that the reader can just sit back and enjoy it. It brings its particular bit of Berlin vividly to life for any reader, and also offers, beneath its joking tone, some biting criticisms of the capital’s gutter press. You want a laugh? Well, here it is. ‘ As smooth as a

‘The vintage Arjouni sound: colloquial, unpretentious, rhythmic, and every word in its place. A merry and breathless picaresque Berlin novel’Manfred Papst, Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag

‘As smooth as an S-Class Mercedes on the Autobahn. A wry, sly book about the human comedy.’Kirkus Reviews, on Chez Max


Jakob Arjouni was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1964. After his graduating from university he lived and worked in the South of France for some years and finally moved to Berlin. He has published novels, plays, stories and radio plays. His first Kayankaya novel, Happy Birthday, Turk!, was made into a film directed by Doris Dörrie in 1991, and in 1992 he was awarded the German Crime Novel Prize for One Man, One Murder. Jakob Arjouni’s books have been published in twentytwo languages.

Previous works include:
Chez Max, 2007; Hausaufgaben, 2005; Idioten. Fünf Märchen, 2004; Kismet, 2002; Magic Hoffmann, 1997 – all Diogenes.


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