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Non-Fiction Publishers
C.H. Beck Verlag, Berlin
Verlag C.H.Beck is one of Germany’s best known publishing houses dealing both with books and magazines, employing a staff of over 400 and with approximately 6,000 titles in print. It has a strong base in academic and specialized works on history, ethnology, philology, literary theory, religion and philosophy, politics, art and law. Its fiction list has grown steadily and is respected for the importance its editors place on the literary and artistic merits of its titles.
Christoph Links Verlag
Ch. Links Verlag was one of the first independent publishing houses to be launched after the abolition of censorship in the German Democratic Republic in the autumn of 1989. The list concentrated on the history of Stalinism and communism in the GDR, before expanding to cover such nonfiction areas as the Federal Republic of Germany, the history of German colonialism and the legacy of National Socialism. It now includes international history and politics.
Contact: Maria Oehlschlegel,
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt has an outstanding reputation as one of Germany’s leading non-fiction publishers, with an emphasis on history, memoirs, biography and current affairs. DVA also has an exquisite list of literary fiction. Among the bestselling authors are Marcel Reich-Ranicki, Sebastian Haffner, Martin Doerry, Ian Kershaw, Anne Enright, and David Wroblewski. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt has been a part of Verlagsgruppe Random House since 2006.
Edition Elke Heidenreich, Munich
Edition Elke Heidenreich was founded in 2009 as an imprint within the C. Bertelsmann group, taking its name from that well-known television and literary critic. It publishes both literary fiction and non-fiction books dealing exclusively with music and aims to represent – in Elke Heidenreich’s own words, ‘a pleasure in literature, a pleasure in music and the delight of joining the two.’ Its authors include Hans Neuenfels, Franz Werfel, Barbara Hall and Angel Wagenstein.
Edition Epoca, Zurich
Edition Epoca is a small Swiss publishing house, founded in 1995. It publishes a handful of titles each year, specializing in quality non-fiction and literary fiction by German-language authors and international writers in translation. Its list includes books by Gilbert Adair and Alain Claude Sulzer, as well as a series of new translations of P.G. Wodehouse.
Contact: Urs Kummer,
mareverlag, Hamburg
mareverlag publishes around twenty titles a year, both fiction and non-fiction, and all with some connection with the sea, whether in its concrete, symbolic, metaphorical, historical or ecologically significant guise. The same spirit of fascination, respect, and longing evoked by the sea that is prevalent in the prize-winning magazine mare (founded in 1997 and voted best magazine of Germany in 2001) and the television channel mare TV (launched in 2000) now finds expression in the medium of the book with publisher Nikolaus Gelpke at the helm.
Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin
Suhrkamp Verlag was founded in 1950 by Peter Suhrkamp and directed for over forty years by Dr. Siegfried Unseld. The independent publishing company now includes Insel Verlag (founded in Leipzig in 1899), the Jüdischer Verlag (founded in Berlin in 1902), as well as the Deutscher Klassiker Verlag (established in 1981) and the newly founded Verlag der Weltreligionen (established in 2006). Suhrkamp focuses on both contemporary literature and the humanities. Its distinguished list includes leading writers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, many of whom made their debuts with the firm, besides major international authors of both fiction and non-fiction, including several Nobel Prize winners.
Contact: Nora Mercurio,
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen
One of the oldest independent publishers still in existence, the Göttingen firm Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht has been publishing academic literature since 1735, and now issues over 250 new titles a year. The classical core of the list consists of academic works in the fields of theology and religion, history, medieval studies, philosophy and philology. Equally important is the firm’s developing range of practical, do-it-yourself titles – on personal development, psychological counselling, spiritual community work and much else – which are both useful and highly readable. 
Contact: Margarita Wolf,