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Hein, Jakob

Vor mir den Tag, hinter mir die Nacht (The Day Ahead, the Night Behind)

Piper Verlag, September 2008, 192 pp.
ISBN: 978-3-492-05207-8


A firm favourite on the Berlin performance circuit, appreciated for his gentle, whimsical humour, and his eye for the potential comedy of the everyday, Jakob Hein (son of that star of the GDR firmament, Christoph Hein) delivers another engaging Berlin treat, as Rebecca finds when she encounters Boris and his Agency for Discarded Ideas.
This eccentric operator catalogues shreds and snatches of ideas (mostly his own, she suspects) together with starts of stories and cast-off beginnings that may never be united with the endings he finds so difficult to write. Rebecca, however, has captivated him: he knows heíll have to tell his best story ever to keep her there.
Delightfully light of touch, this is a sweet tale of a quest for happiness and a humorous spin on an unlikely male Shehezerade, Berlin-bred, and his marvellous power of storytelling.


Jakob Hein was born in Leipzig in 1971. He grew up in Berlin where he lives today as a practicing doctor together with his wife and two sons. His books have been translated into seven languages.


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