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Guest of Honour: Indonesian authors at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015


Indonesia: 17,000 Islands of Imagination

Meet some Indonesian authors at the
Frankfurt Book Fair

Afrizal Malna, Jakarta/Java
An activist and writer of prose, poetry, and theatrical texts, Malna has published several books. He travels regularly throughout the country to participate in literary, poetry and philosophical discussions.

Leila Chudori, Jakarta/Java
Having begun to write at the age of twelve, Chudori’s stories and novels have since been translated into English and German. She also works as a journalist, editor and scriptwriter for film and television.

Ayu Utami,
Bogor/West Java

Utami writes novels and short stories, as well as articles for Indonesian magazines. Her novel Saman (1998) was considered a milestone in Indonesian literature and won the Prince Claus Award.

Eka Kurniawan, Tasikmalaya/West Java
Journalist, writer and designer, Kurniawan has been described as the ‘brightest meteorite’ in Indonesia’s new literary firmament. He has been compared to Salman Rushdie, Gabriel García Márquez and Mark Twain.

Okky Madasari, Magetan/East Java
An author and journalist, her novel Maryam brought Madasari the most celebrated literary prize in Indonesia, the Khatulistiwa Literary Award, in 2012. At the age of 28, she is the youngest ever winner of this prestigious award.

Andrea Hirata, Belitong/Sumatra
Hirata is one of Indonesia’s best known authors, principally for her novel The Rainbow Troops (2005), which has been translated into twenty-five languages. Winner of the New York Book Festival prize 2013 in the category General Fiction.

Oka Rusmini, Bali
Rusmini writes poetry, novels, and short stories. She was awarded the Best Poetry Award by the Poetry Journal (2002), as well as the Literary Appreciation Award of Literary Works (2003), and has been invited to numerous national and international events and festivals.

Laksmi Pamuntjak, Jakarta/Java
Pamuntjak writes poetry, essays and novels and has participated in numerous international literary events and festivals. Her poems and short stories have been published in several international journals. She also contributes columns and articles to Tempo Magazine, the Jakarta Post, and the Guardian.

Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Jakarta/Java
A prolific writer, journalist, artist, and photographer, Ajidarma was born in Boston, USA and has been writing for over forty years. He writes short stories, novels, poems, news articles, essays, and comic books.

Indonesia – The Facts
  • Population 250 million
  • 17,000 islands
  • 726 living local languages, 1 official language
  • literacy 93%
  • new titles 44,327 (2014)
  • Nationwide chain book store with 110 outlets: Gramedia
  • 60 million Facebook users
  • Jakarta most active twitter city
  • Largest economy in South East Asia
  • GDP US$915 billion (2015 estimate by IMF)