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Arabelle Bernecker / Susanne Glass / Bernd Kolb (photos)

Schwestern der Revolution.
Aktivistinnen im Kampf gegen Diktatur und Unterdrückung
(Sisters of the Revolution – Women activists in the struggle against dictatorship and oppression)

Herbig, February 2015, 288 pp.
ISBN: 978 3 7766 2754 1

Sisters of the Revolution gives voice to contemporary female activists in Georgia, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, the Philippines and the Maldives. The authors, Bernecker and Glass, are journalists and political scientists who have travelled far and wide to record the absorbing and often heart-rending testimonies of this selection of inspiring women.

The women’s stories are clearly presented, including useful introductory sections providing information about the historical contexts for the different struggles and accompanied by powerful photographic portraits. The nature of their activist roles varies enormously in scope and danger, ranging from go-between and messenger to untrained nurse, lawyer, decoy or provider of food and shelter. As well as seeking to motivate other women living under oppressive regimes to take action themselves, the book is aimed more generally at readers interested in current affairs and feminism, for whom it also serves as a rallying call to action on behalf of others. This is a powerful and memorable book which resonates widely in our increasingly globalised world.


Arabelle Bernecker holds a PhD in Political Science. She has lived in Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo and has worked for international organisations in the Middle East and North Africa. The women she met there provided the inspiration for this book.

Susanne Glass is a political scientist and journalist. She is head of the ARD TV studio in Vienna/South East Europe, and president of the Foreign Press Association in Vienna. She has been awarded numerous prizes for her journalism.

Bernd Kolb lives in Berlin, Marrakech and Ubud (Bali). He has a worldwide reputation as a visionary. Since 2012 he has been engaged in a ‘Wisdom Expedition’ to find the traces of ancient traditions of wisdom. In his role as a photographer he seeks to unveil people ‘behind their masks’ when taking their portraits.



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