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Dagny Gioulami

Alle Geschichten, die ich kenne
(All the Stories I Know)

weissbooks.w, March 2015, 148 pp.
ISBN: 978 3 86337 073 2

This wonderfully unusual little book interweaves multiple fairy-tale narratives and revels in the absurd.

When the narrator goes to her dry cleaner’s she finds that it has a new, female owner who is having a run of bad luck. The dry cleaner has ruined a dress that her sister wanted her to wear at her wedding, and the narrator decides that the dress must be recreated in order to change the dry cleaner’s fortune. The narrator and her friend, the tattooed policeman, travel to Greece so that her Aunt Irina can make a new dress. On the way she tells the policeman about her family history, full of broken engagements, forbidden loves and eventual marriages.

When Aunt Irina refuses to make a new dress the narrator realises that she will have to make it herself. She and the policeman travel to Turkey to give the dress to the dry cleaner but lose it along the way. The happy conclusion to this whimsical tale brings together the wealth of fairy-tale wisdom that has been imparted in the course of the narrator’s travels.

‘An imaginative story, told with gentle humour.’


Dagny Gioulami was born in 1970 in Bern and lives in Zurich. She studied at the Zurich University for Music and Drama before working as an actress, including at theatres in Münster, Basel and Zurich. In 1998 she began composing lyrics, libretti and stage plays. Alle Geschichten, die ich kenne is her first novel.


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