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Anne Goldmann

Lichtschacht (Light Well)


Argument Verlag, April 2014, 288 pp.
ISBN: 978 3 86754 220 3

A newcomer to Vienna, Lena is soaking up the summer’s evening on her roof terrace when she sees something she can’t explain: a woman simply disappears from a neighbouring terrace, while her companions carry on drinking champagne as though nothing has happened. Lena can hardly believe her eyes. Did the woman fall or was she pushed? Did Lena just witness a murder? Who does she trust enough to confide in about what she has seen? The plot thickens as crows begin to circle above the building’s light well and the police find a woman’s body …

Light Well is a convincing and sophisticated thriller worthy of Alfred Hitchcock, artfully constructed and mesmerisingly atmospheric. Anne Goldmann’s elegant writing hooks readers from the outset, enthralling them with her complex metropolitan tale of deep passions and divided loyalties. While the story captures a universal sense of the joys and travails of modern city living, this is also a beautifully evoked picture of contemporary Vienna. Light Well is a slick, sinuously-plotted novel which keeps readers guessing until its surprising end.


Anne Goldmann was born in 1961. She worked as a waitress, kitchen hand, and chamber maid to finance her training to become a social worker. Later she worked in a prison, and now she cares for recently released prisoners. Goldmann began writing at a young age, won two writing competitions, published a few texts, and then gave it all up, only to rediscover writing years later. She received great acclaim for her first two novels. Lichtschacht is her third.

Previous works include:
Das Leben ist schmutzig (2011); Triangel (2012)


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