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Austrian Publishers
Deuticke Verlag, Vienna
Deuticke Verlagalong with Paul Zsolnay Verlag has been part of Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich since 2004. Deuticke was founded in 1878 in Vienna. Initially the firm focused on non-fiction (including Sigmund Freud’s book on dreams in 1900 and much later, in 2001, the international bestseller ‘Blackbook on Brand Companies’). In recent years Deuticke has established itself as a publisher of fiction by internationally renowned and contemporary authors, among them Iris Murdoch and Lily Brett, and Austrian writers such as Paulus Hochgatterer, Daniel Glattauer and Michael Köhlmeier.
Droschl Literaturverlag, Graz
Droschl Literaturverlag is based in Graz, Austria’s ‘secret capital of literature’, and is devoted to promoting contemporary authors in the German language and others. Droschl’s first book was produced in 1980 when the decision was taken to convert the eponymous gallery-cum-bookshop into a publishing house. Authors include Gerhard Roth, Eleonore Frey and Peter Waterhouse. Poet Ernst Jandl praised Droschl Verlag as ‘a courageous and dynamic enterprise’.
Contact: Annette Knoch,

Edition Atelier, Vienna
Edition Atelier is an independent publisher founded in Vienna in the 1980s. Since 2011, Jorghi Poll and Sarah Legler have been running the publishing house. Edition Atelier is specialized in contemporary Austrian fiction. The book series WIENER LITERATUREN additionally reissues well-known (as well as unjustly forgotten) literature from or about Vienna, while the series TEXTLICHT is dedicated to young literary talents and their – often experimental – writing. Amongst the authors are Joseph Roth, Andrea Drumbl, Ilir Ferra, Lina Loos and Walter Buchebner.
Contact: Sarah Legler,

Haymon Verlag, Innsbruck
Haymon Verlag was established in 1982 by the historian, journalist and author Michael Forcher as a non-fiction publishing company. The Haymon Verlag is named after the ‘Giant Haymon’ who, according to an old legend, founded the Stift Wilten monastery near Innsbruck in the eighth century. It was one of the first cultural centres in the region that later became known as the Tyrol. Since 1988, it has primarily published German-language and international literature. Haymon Verlag has been a subsidiary company of the Studienverlag since September 2004.
Jungbrunnen Verlag, Vienna
Jungbrunnen was established in 1923 with the aim of providing good literature to children and young people who had little access to books. The publisher’s emphasis still rests on quality, both of text and image, and on taking their young audience seriously. Many Jungbrunnen books have become classics and are already delighting a third generation of children, not least Mira Lobe’s Die Omama im Apfelbaum, which has been translated into 21 languages.
Contact: Martina Moosleitner,
Jung und Jung Verlag, Salzburg
Jung und Jung Verlag was founded in 2000 in Salzburg. It offers a distinguished list of German and international literature as well as books on art and music. Authors include Peter Handke, Sherko Fatah, Arnold Stadler, Gert Jonke, Peter Waterhouse and German Book Prize winner Melinda Nadj Abonji.
Contact: Regina Rumpold-Kunz,
Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna
Paul Zsolnay Verlag was founded in 1924 in Vienna. Its long tradition and high reputation have secured its place as one of the leading publishing houses in the German-speaking world. It places special emphasis on works from Central Europe and other international sources, and its impressive backlist comprises the complete works of Leo Perutz, Graham Greene, John Steinbeck and Colette. Publishing the novels by the bestselling Swedish author Henning Mankell has brought Zsolnay recognition in the crime fiction world. In 1996 Zsolnay Verlag was acquired by Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich, but its offices remain in Vienna.
Picus Verlag, Vienna
Picus Verlag is an independent publishing house in Vienna. The publishing programme concentrates on travelogues and promising Austrian and German writers – literary fiction as well as children’s books. Its list also comprises contemporary history, memoirs and essays. Among its authors are Thomas Sautner, Egyd Gstättner, Marlene Faro, Sylvie Schenk, Franzobel, and Rudolf Habringer.
Contact: Barbara Giller,
Residenz Verlag, St. Polten
Residenz Verlag was founded in 1956 in Salzburg. Early publishing lists concentrated on fine art and non-fiction titles. During the 1960s a fiction list was added, and leading Austrian authors including H.C.Artmann, Thomas Bernhard, Barbara Frischmuth, Peter Handke published their first work here. German and Swiss writers were gradually included, followed, in the 1980s, by international authors in translation. The non-fiction list includes books on contemporary history as well as monographs of nineteenth and twentieth century artists and books on music, theatre and architecture. Since 2001 the Residenz Verlag has been publishing literary and artistic picture books and fiction for young readers, too, in the ‘Nilpferd’ imprint.
Contact: Renate Anderle,
Ueberreuter Verlag, Vienna
Carl Ueberreuter Verlag publishes fiction titles for the age range from seven to young adults. Novels and series for young readers, picture books, as well as fantasy for all ages, are at the heart of this programme. It now publishes adult fantasy with its latest imprint 'Otherworld'.
Contact: Julia Schülli,