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Alexandra Hamann, Claudia Zea-Schmidt, Reinhold Leinfelder

Die große Transformation
(The Great Transformation)

Verlagshaus Jacoby & Stuart, February 2013, 144pp.
ISBN: 978 3 941087 23 1

This highly original book uses cartoon illustrations to present scientific facts alongside a broad range of actions that we can take against climate change. This is an inspirational call for action which directly addresses young readers as the future adult generation.
The Great Transformation sets out the key issues that are having an impact on the environment today, including the use of fossil fuels, the global challenges caused by population growth, increasing food production, lack of water resources and predictions of rising sea levels, freak and extreme weather. It also sets out important solutions in terms of renewable resources, energy efficiency in housing and industry, alternative ways of travelling such as magnetic high speed trains and cars, carbon trading and new technologies. The authors advocate a new ‘age of enlightenment’, a time when humankind is forced to rethink old beliefs and structures in favour of a sustainable society.
Readers are presented with a wealth of reasons as to why we should take responsibility as individuals and decisionmakers across the world. There are things we can all do – reviewing our energy consumption, eating less meat, looking for sustainable food labelling, urban gardening – in addition to duties required of governments – taking account of the latest research, promoting technological innovation, managing pressure groups. The science of climate change is explained in a clear, concise way, and predictions about the future are backed up by tight scientific argument. Among many surprising facts, we learn why investing in green energy works out cheaper in the long run than conventional energy resources, and that China is actually leading the world with the level of its investments in renewable energy resources (followed by Germany and the USA).
Facts and figures, scientific data and new technologies are brought to life in the style of a comic magazine. The text is straightforward and easy to understand. Because information is presented in a pithy, cartoon style, it has an immediate and poignant impact. The narrative has been stripped bare, and leaves readers with a strong sense both of the gravity of the situation and of the encouraging potential for us to make a lasting difference.

‘High calibre science, made understandable!’Lovelybooks



Alexandra Hamann, a media designer, and Claudia Zea-Schmidt, a communications scientist, came up with the idea for this book. Together with geologist and geobiologist Prof. Dr. Reinhold Leinfelder from the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), they developed the concept and wrote the comic-strip versions of interviews with nine expert scientists from the WBGU.


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