Editorial Committee of the 2016 Spring Issue:
Stephanie Altmann, Austrian Cultural Forum London; David Kilian Beck, Embassy of Switzerland; Jens Boyer, Goethe-Institut London; Jamie Bulloch, Translator; Jen Calleja, NBG Acting Editor; Theodora Danek, Austrian Cultural Forum London; Tanja Howarth, Tanja Howarth Literary Agency; Gesche Ipsen, Pushkin Press; Anna Kelly, HarperCollins; Sheridan Marshall, NBG Editorial Consultant; Gary Perry, Foyles Bookshop; Daniela Schlingmann, Daniela Schlingmann Agency; Eva Stensrud, Pro Helvetia; Mira Trenchard, Literary Scout; Emma Clarke, Johannes Hartmann and Laura Macartney, NBG Editorial Assistants.
Editorial Committee in the USA of the 2016 Spring Issue:
Peter Blackstock, Grove Atlantic; Marjorie DeWitt, Other Press; Susanne Koenig, The powerHouse Arena Bookstore; Edna McCown, Translator; Michael Orthofer, The Complete Review; Barbara Perlmutter, Literary Agent; Elisabeth Pyroth, Goethe- Institut New York; Bettina Schrewe, Bettina Schrewe Literary Scouting; Riky Stock, German Book Office; Evan Strouss, German Book Office Not pictured: Karin Schulze, Abrams Books
The Editorial Team

The Editorial Committee consists of some regulars – translators Shaun Whiteside and Jamie Bulloch, agent Tanja Howarth, bookseller Jonathan Ruppin of Foyles, editorial consultant and copy-writer Sheridan Marshall – as well as representatives from the Austrian, German and Swiss cultural institutions in London and from our publisher, the British Centre for Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia. In addition different UK editors, publishers, scouts or agents are invited to join for an issue. Recent guest editors have included Jon Riley of Quercus Books, Adam Freudenheim of Pushkin Press, Anna Webber of United Agents, Sophie Buchan of Weidenfeld & Nicolson and Katharina Bielenberg of MacLehose Books. We are grateful to all for the expert advice and the time devoted to helping us make the selection as comprehensive, interesting, realistic and inspiring as possible.
At the editorial meeting the reader’s reports commissioned from our expert list of readers form the basis of debate: between sixty and seventy titles make it on to the short-list for each issue, from a starting point of an average of 150 submissions. It is a testament to the quality of writing on offer that decisions are often difficult to reach, the richness of older voices, established writers to be balanced with the exciting discovery of new voices, crime novels to take their place next to children’s titles, biography next to short stories, novels next to the occasional volume of poetry.

If you would like to receive further information about this aspect of the journal, or if you are an editor or publisher who would like to join us for an issue, please contact the editor at: nbg@london.goethe.org