Applications should be made to the Goethe-Institut in your country. The local Goethe-Institut will then check whether your application is complete and pass it on to the Goethe-Institutís head office in Munich with their comments.

If you are interested in publishing a title not featured in New Books in German, please contact your local Goethe-Institut directly. 

The form to be filled out for these applications is available at the following webpage which has much useful information in English:

Contact person in London:
Jens Boyer
Goethe-Institut London
Tel: +44 20 7596 4020
Contact person in North America:
Elisabeth Pyroth
Goethe-Institut New York
Tel: +1 212 439 8694

Contact person in the Goethe-Institutís head office:
Andreas Schmohl
Goethe-Institut Munich
Tel: +49 89 15921-852