Gabriele Anderl

9096 Leben – Der unbekannte Judenretter Berthold Storfer
(9096 Lives Lives. Berthold Storfer, Forgotten Rescuer of Thousands of Jews)

Rotbuch Verlag, May 2012, 400pp.
ISBN: 978 3 86789 156 1

9096 Lives is the powerful story of Berthold Storfer, who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish people after the annexation of Austria in 1938. Born in Czernowitz and himself a Jew, Storfer had a successful business career before the war. His interventions to save Jewish lives inevitably involved a degree of co-operation with the SS, specifically the ‘Centre for Jewish Emigration’ in Vienna, run for a time by the notorious Adolf Eichmann. But his relationships with Nazi officials were of no avail when he was murdered in Auschwitz in November 1944. Despite the success of his rescue operation, Storfer has received scant recognition. His reputation has been tarnished by the understandable reservations of those who suspected him of supping with the devil.
Gabriele Anderl’s original research illuminates the moral dilemmas raised by Storfer’s conduct. Her book is full of arresting material, about the role of the British authorities in Palestine, for example. The result is a gripping examination of a little-known chapter of our recent history, packed with fascinating and unexpected historical details.

‘It is the Austrian author’s achievement to have reconstructed Berthold Storfer’s life and actions. She has analysed her sources thoroughly, and at the same time, she remains very connected to them.’Der Tagesspiegel



Gabriele Anderl worked for the Austrian Historical Commission and has addressed the Nazi era, the politics of Aryanisation, the theft of art during the Nazi era, and aspects of Jewish history in numerous publications. She is a freelance journalist and writer, and lives in Vienna.

Previous works include:
Gescheiterte Flucht. Der jüdische Kladovo- Transport auf dem Weg nach Palästina (with W. Manoschek, 1993); NS-Kunstraub in Österreich und die Folgen (editor, with A. Caruso, 2005); Kunstraub unterm Hakenkreuz (2007)


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