Gaponenko, Marjana

Nachtflug (Night Flight)

Polonius Verlag, Mai 2007, 80 pp.
ISBN: 978-3-940336-00-2

It was poet and translator Michael Hamburger’s endorsement that brought this volume of tender, young, yet accomplished, poetry to nbg’s attention. Full of evocative imagery, and arrestingly elegant rhythm, Marjana Gaponenko’s tone is quiet, gentle and rooted in personal relationships, things, moods and atmosphere. Those acquainted with the poetry of the young Paul Celan will hear echoes of his language here. Indeed Gaponenko’s is a voice more in line with the poetry of days gone by than with fellow contemporaries, but in that lies undeniable beauty and an unaffected charm.


Marjana Michailovna Gaponenko, born in Odessa in 1981, is a Ukrainian poet and author who since 1996 has been working in the German language. She studied German language and literature at Odessa University and has published numerous articles in literary journals and anthologies. After two years in Dublin, she is now back in Cracow, where she also previously lived for two years. She is a member of the authors’ forum Der Goldene Fisch (‘The Golden Fish’).


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